About me

Since I was a child I used my imagination to create worlds to explore beyond reality. Eventually, over time, I began to feel the need to translate these worlds into something material, in order to share them with other people and let them know a part of me that I cannot show in the superficiality of the daily routine.

For me, art is not a style or a way of life, but a way of feeling, of relating to yourself, of experiencing your own existence. I do not consider myself an artist, only a person who creates when has the need, when feels an impulse or an idea comes to mind.

Luckily, I do not need to earn a living with artistic activities for others, so I have total freedom for my small creations or to collaborate with those who trust in my abilities to carry out a project.

I like to work without pretensions. I do things the best that I know or the best I can with the time and resources I have. I do not expect anything from art, just enjoy every second I dedicate to it and share my creations with those I love. I do not seek recognition because it is something that I do mainly for myself. Just like breathing, for me creating is a necessity. Because either with my hands or in my head, I am always in another world beyond this.